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 Green Home Certification & Green Home Incentives

Available Incentives

Many counties in Maryland offer a substantial Property Tax Credit for Green Homes (or High Performance Homes), typically structured over 5 years:

            $5,000           LEED or NGBS Silver Certification                     

            $10,000        LEED or NGBS Gold Certification

            $15,000        LEED Platinum or NGBS Emerald Certification           


Choose JHA -  The National Experts on High Performance (Green) Homes

JHA has the premier national experts in High Performance (Green) homes. But we are also specialize in providing our clients with very practical solutions. 

We tell you up front how to get certified at a very reasonable cost

What green measures work (are cost effective), and

What green measures to avoid (are problematic, and/or overly expensive)

In Maryland,  Sliver Certification is surprisingly affordable.  We will certify over one hundred homes at LEED Silver in Maryland this year.


Additional Info

  1. Mandated Green -  Green Building Code

          City of Annapolis             


  1. Maryland – High Performance Home Property Tax Credit

Anne Arundel County


Baltimore County


City of Frederick


City of Rockville   


Howard County


Montgomery County


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