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Quality Assurance


 We  Help Builders Avoid or Fix  Common Problems in New Home Construction 

Rough (Pre-Drywall) Verification - HVAC Ducts

Missing Supply Runs / Boots


Kinked / Compressed Ducts / Trade Conflicts

Ventilation Fans

Not properly caulked – leaks air from/to attic


Wrong Size / Type of Fans (or Wrong Size of Exhaust Fan Ducting)


Air Sealing
Unsealed cracks, and penetrations


Poor Installation (Not Grade 1)

(Post-Construction) Verification - HVAC Ducts 

Hidden Air Leaks


Ducts Not Caulked to Drywall / Damaged Ducts or Supply Boots Covered by Drywall or Flooring

Dirty / Missing / Wrong Type Filters


Improper Equipment Specs and Set-Up

Request for Services

Expected Performance Level of Project
Type of Service Requested
Information to Provide to JHA