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 Serving the Building Industry

Since 2005

Energy Modeling/ Analysis/Reporting

  • EQuest
  • Ekotrope
  • Energy Gauge
  • REMrateTM

Specialized experience in single and multifamily, mixed use buildings, and complex designs.

    • High Efficiency HVAC, including Ground Source Heat Pumps


  • Demand Controlled Ventilation
  • Advanced Lighting Controls and Daylighting
  • Heat Recovery
  • Efficient Hot Water Systems
  • Efficient Motor Drives
  • Renewable Energy
  • Development of custom analytical tools

LEED NC, EBOM, Homes, Mid-Rise
National Green Building Standard (ICC 700)  

Energy Modeling Qualifications

Unique Capabilities

  • 8 years of experience working as a technical consultant to USGBC
  • 15 years of experience working as  a technical consultant to US EPA’s ENERGY STAR programs 
  • 25 years experience in detailed energy analysis of buildings using DOE-2 / E-Quest.
  • Extensive formal training  in Mechanical Engineering (Masters and PhD)

Types of Services Offered

Energy Modeling

      • Code compliance (ASHRAE 90.1, IECC)
      • Green Program Compliance  (LEED, NGBS, Enterprise Green Communities)
      • Specialized experience in mid- and high-rise multi-family, mixed-use commercial buildings, and large complex and/or innovative  designs.

Development of customized analytical tools

What We Do

Proven four-step approach to analyzing building designs: Initial model development

  • Identification and assessment of candidate energy upgrades
  • Assessment of final design
  • As-built confirmation

Related Project Experience

  • US Green Building Council
  • Numerous Private Clients
  • US EPA - Indoor Environments Division

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