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Since 2005

Intro & Process

The Experts in High Performance Buildings

JHA is the place where designers and builders go for practical advice and guidance.  We are nationally recognized for our unparalleled capabilities:

  • Energy efficient and green home consultants

  • 30 years of experience in home building industry

  • 15 years as US EPA’s Primary ENERGY STAR for Homes consultant

  • 15 years as USGBC’s Primary LEED for Homes consultant

Currently providing home verification and consulting services to high performance new construction and multifamily homes throughout Maryland.

 Reasons to Call JHA:

  1. Green Mandate – Annapolis Green Law, State funded Affordable homes
  2. Want Incentives (ESH / LEED/ NGBS)
  3. Want to achieve high performance
  4. Unhappy with current rater


Our process includes no drive-by inspections.  We take the time to assist builders to learn where problems exist and educate them to improve building quality in the areas of air sealing, insulation, etc. including photos where appropriate.

We offer specific training sessions for our builder clients’ trade partners.

Each of our field inspections incorporates as much quality assurance as possible.

We provide detailed reporting at rough and final inspections  - for code, EnergyStar and for Green Homes Program Certifications.

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